Daylighting Systems


The superior structural integrity of the Kalwall translucent panel system is available in flat or curved panels. These pre-engineered systems offer the ultimate in energy-efficient performance, glare-free, Museum-quality Daylighting.

Daylighting is the art and science of managing natural light to minimize the cost and use of artificial lighting and positively impact the productivity of employees or the mood of visitors in any space.  The superior structural integrity of the Kalwall translucent panel system is available in flat or curved panels.  Kalwall is the premier translucent light-transmitting system available.  It is sandwich construction which permanently bonds patent-protected fiberglass panels interlocked with aluminum I-beams.  The panels are custom designed and manufactured under the highest quality control in the industry to the exact size and configuration for each project, taking into account the desires of the owner.  Kalwall diffuses light so efficiently that sunlight is converted into glare-free museum-quality lighting.

Kalwall® is a well-proven, high-performance, structural translucent fenestration system with energy-efficient performance that surpasses all other existing technologies. As part or all of the walls or roof of any building – or even as a freestanding structure – Kalwall provides a more predictable, better quality of usable natural light with superior thermal properties, and best in industry solar heat gain control. Rugged, and beautiful, Kalwall is OSHA compliant without screens or barriers, and can handle hurricane and blast loads. Our Daylight Modeling/Simulation service allows you to explore the impact of design variations, and allows simulation documentation for daylighting credits such as LEED.

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Solatube Daylighting Systems use a proprietary capture-transfer-delivery process to deliver natural light to places that were once thought impossible. Solatube products combine patented technologies with progressive engineering for daylighting that delivers a superior blend of illumination intensity, thermal performance and light consistency. These systems are easy to install, often requiring no structural changes, and are virtually maintenance-free. The fact that they are also energy-efficient, eco-friendly and affordable makes them the ideal choice for any commercial application.