McKEON is a leading manufacturer of fire doors, fire shutters, fire curtains, smoke curtains, service doors and security grilles. Our emphasis on special-purpose fire door systems has provided architects and design professionals with numerous options and product performance not previously available, and that are only available from McKEON.

McKEON is dedicated to working with every project partner to develop the best solution for the project’s needs. Through thorough analysis and consultation, we’re able to develop a wide variety of applicable solutions for any business.

Fire Door Systems


Vertical Acting Fire Door Systems

  • Safescape T2000 Series

  • Safespace T5000 Series

  • Auto-Set Model FSFD

  • Auto-Set Model FSFD-IS

  • Auto-Set Model FSFD-STC

  • Auto-Set Model FSFD-TR

  • Auto-Set CFS Series

Vertical coiling 3-hour fire and smoke-rated UL10 B, door system that can incorporate up to eighteen deployable complying egress swing doors. Once in place, the single or multiple swinging egress doors provide compliant egress, also available without egress. Large occupant loads and wide-span openings are easily accommodated by the McKEON.


Side Acting Fire Door Systems

  • S7000 Series

  • Safescape S9000 Series

  • AC8000 Series

  • Auto-Set Model S4000 Series

McKeon 3-hour fire and smoke-rated UL10 B, are available in both manual or motor operated designs and with or without swing type egress doors. These fire doors are either side sliding "barn door", side coiling, or side-folding, all with or without egress. Therefore ideal for openings in firewalls where headroom is limited. The side activated design enables these fire doors to navigate around tight curves and contoured openings. 


Horizontal Acting Fire Doors

2-hour rated UL10 B, McKeon's automatic closing H200 Series horizontal shutters prevent the migration of heat, smoke, or hot/toxic gases by creating vertical compartments thereby separating the vertical spaces from one another. Horizontal shutters reduce construction costs. Smoke evacuation systems can become unnecessary and one horizontal fire shutter can be used instead of numerous conventional fire barriers on multiple floors.


Fire, Smoke, Wind

Rated Curtain Systems


Smoke Rated Curtain Systems

  • SmokeFighter Mode D100

  • SmokeFighter Model D150

  • SmokeFighter Model D150E

  • SmokeFighter Model D500S

The McKeon's SmokeFighter D100 series is manufactured from protective curtain assembly material that has been tested and certified under UL 10B, 10C, 10D, and UL 1784; and approved to span unlimited widths and heights up to 24 feet. 

A draft curtain is commonly used in large spaces where smoke management is a challenge. In these types of applications draft curtains typically work in conjunction with smoke and heat vents. These vent systems are not the same as active smoke evacuation systems, rather they are designed to minimize smoke movement and provide temporary tenable environments until building occupants can evacuate during a fire or emergency. 


Fire-and-Smoke-Rated Curtain Systems

  • Firefighter Model D200

  • Firefighter Model D200E

The D200 series are opening protectives made of a flexible fire-rated fabric that is US laboratory tested and approved for unlimited widths and is available with and without egress. A first in the industry, the D200/D200E carries a 20-minute rating UL10B and UL10C without hose stream, UL 10D for up to 3 hours, and UL 1784 for smoke and draft. FireFighter D200 is approved for use in multiple applications – whenever the 20-minute UL 10B or UL 10C rating is required for a fire door or shutter used to provide protection for an opening of any size in a rated wall.


FEMA and Wind Rated Door Systems

  • SafeSpace 500 Series

  • Dynamic 110

McKeon offers two FEMA rated products, one for large openings rated up to 110 MPH, and another for smaller openings rated up to 250 MPH, in areas where tornadoes or hurricanes are prevalent. 

Non-Fire Rated

Door Systems

Non-Fire Rated Door Systems

  • Model PF3000

  • SD3000 Series

  • CS3000 Series

  • ClimateGuard IS3000 Series

  • HS100 Series

  • Safescape G1000 Series

  • Safescape G4000 Series

  • SG3000 Series

  • SC3000 Series

McKeon offers service doors, requiring less headroom than any other alternative, and are custom-designed to accommodate any opening size; and counter shutters for interior and exterior applications; insulated service doors where energy conservation is important; Other alternative include horizontal coiling service doors; self-opening security grilles with emergency egress, with either vertical or side coiling options. Other non-fire rated door systems include security grilles and service doors for retail, commercial, schools, and hospitals. 



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