Whether you are a convention center covering several city blocks; a growing business that needs to add office productivity without adding real estate; or an elementary school seeking to bring new potential to their learning environment - whatever you need, Modernfold is the name customers count on to fill spaces with possibilities. Modernfold’s operable partitions represent one of the most flexible solutions to making the most of your interior space. Elegance takes physical shape with these walls, becoming a tool with architects and interior designers who can craft unique and welcoming environments. Modernfold is the industry leader due to its constant investment in research and development.

Operable Partitions


Single Panel

  • Acousti-Seal Encore

  • Acousti-Seal 931

  • Acousti-Seal 911 Fire Rated

Modernfold Single Panel Systems provide the ultimate in versatility and flexibility, allowing for capabilities such as multiple room setups and changes in the location of pass doors and work surfaces. Modernfold offers three products under the Acousti-Seal Single Panel Model.



Paired Panel

  • Acousti-Seal Encore

  • Acousti-Seal 932

  • Acousti-Seal 912 Fire Rated

Quick and easy setup is possible with this system since panels are hinged together in groups of two and move in a straight line within the opening. Modernfold offers four products under the Acousti-Seal Paired Panel Model.


Continuously Hinged

  • Acousti-Seal Encore Automated

  • Acoustic-Seal Encore Automated #20

  • Acoustic-Seal 933E

Continuously hinged panels are connected together in a train, extending as one complete unit. Modernfold continuously hinged partitions facilitate quick setup time and provide efficient and convenient separation. Automated operation provides automatic setup without the need for manually moving the partitions into place. Modernfold provides state of the art safety systems as operational safety is vitally important to Modernfold. Modernfold offers three products under the Acousti-Seal® Continuously Hinged Automated Wall Model.


Designer Line

From our beginnings, customization has been a hallmark of the way we help customers create the space designs that work best for them. Whether aiming to achieve a unique design for the operable partition or to match existing walls, Modernfold has the capability to deliver a completed project direct from the factory or to allow customization in the field. Give us your most intricate architectural challenge, and let Modernfold bring your plan to life.

Designer Line Options Include:

  • Decorative substrates such as INTERLAM® architectural wall panels

  • Custom designs with wood

  • Routered designs, raised/recessed faces and reveals

  • Plastic laminates, metal laminates, metals and decorative metal designs

  • Modernfold has partnered with Rigidized Metals® and Chemetal® to provide Acousti-Seal® with a variety of unique finish options

  • Artistic glass, etched glass and resins for use in a variety of products

  • Custom murals

  • Full or partial height custom windows

  • Special layouts including: sloped floors, segmented walls, curved layouts

Glass Wall Systems


Acousti-Clear® Glass Walls

  • Acousti-Clear Motorized

  • Acousti-Clear Automatic

  • Acousti-Clear Demountable

Acousti-Clear®, a new innovation in space management and room design by Modernfold, Inc. which delivers the ultra-sleek contemporary aesthetics of aluminum and glass with highly desired sound separation all courtesy of a new and innovative glass wall system. Modernfold offers three products under the Acousti-Clear® Operable Partitions.


Glass Wall Systems

  • Single-Point Fitting System

  • Horizontal Rail System

  • Folding Sliding Systems

  • Self-Driving Panel System

Modernfold Glass Wall Systems (GWS) add new openness to your space, making natural light a welcomed addition to any design. Elegance takes physical shape with these walls, becoming a tool for architects and interior designers who can craft unique and welcoming environments for uses as diverse as corporate, retail, and entertainment.

Accordion Doors


Modernfold Accordian Doors

With accordion doors and partitions from Modernfold, putting space to new use is as simple as drawing a curtain.



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