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Modernfold Acousti-Clear® Glass Walls

Acousti-Clear® Motorized Acousti-Clear® Motorized partitions eliminates any and all set-up concerns with its' innovative ComforTronic® motorized seal system. Once the single panel is pushed into place, motorized top and bottom seals activate to provide a constant and perfect seal every time to maximize acoustics.

Acousti-Clear® Automatic For the cost conscious, Acousti-Clear® Automatic partitions feature Modernfold’s innovative seal system which automatically sets both top and bottom seals by simply advancing each panel forward into the adjoining panel with no cranks to turn or buttons to push.

Acousti-Clear® Demountable Acousti-Clear® Demountable partitions provide that highly desired flexibility by offering a fully demountable office front system which can be moved or configured in virtually any set-up or configuration imaginable.

Advantages of Acousti-Clear® Glass Wall Systems:

  • Family of Acousti-Clear® acoustically rated glass wall systems

  • 51 STC & 45 STC Glass Partitions, 50 STC Solid Partitions

  • Motorized, Automatic, Demountable

  • Utilize multiple Acousti-Clear® products within same space

  • Custom Finishes / Horizontal Mullions

  • High STC Glass Options Including: Clear Tempered, Low Iron, Frosted

  • Custom RAL Powder Coating - Gloss & Satin Finish Options

  • MorphGlas™ or Vertical Blind Privacy Options

  • Full Glass Pass Door Available

  • Protector Series - Line-of-Sight Deployment System

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