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Modernfold Acousti-Seal Single Panel

Acousti-Seal® Encore®

When top-of-the-line acoustic performance and premium aesthetics are desired. Acousti-Seal® Encore® raises the bar in operable partition acoustic performance with an unprecedented industry leading 56 STC along with automatic operation courtesy of the SureSet™ top and bottom seal mechanism.

Acousti-Seal® 931

An application workhorse that is more than up to the challenge of most space requirements, Acousti-Seal® 931 provides a wide variety of STC options for your space division needs utilizing a slim 3” platform. Acousti-Seal® 931 is the perfect option for those unique applications where custom finishes or window cutouts are desired.

Acousti-Seal® 911 - Fire Rated

Featuring many of the same great benefits as Acousti-Seal 931, the Acousti-Seal® 911 also features a 1-hour fire rating which provides the extra safety precautions that some spaces or buildings require when utilizing operable partitions. This 1-hour fire rating is tested at Underwriters Laboratories (UL®) per UL® 10B or NFPA 252.

Advantages of Acousti-Seal® Single Panel Systems:

· Solves complex layout challenges

· Satisfies high ceiling requirements with custom engineered panels up to 50’ high

· Accommodates wide variations in floor conditions

· Acousti-Seal® Encore®, 931 and 911 are all available with easy-to-operate Smart Track™ all steel suspension system technology, making panel storage virtually foolproof

· Optimal for usage in conference, multi-purpose, hospitality, and convention facilities

· Ideal for large openings and storage in remote pockets

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