FireFighter® Model D200

Fire and Smoke Rated Curtain System

The D200 is an opening protective made of a flexible fire-rated fabric that is US laboratory tested and approved for unlimited widths. A first in the industry, the D200 carries a 20-minute rating UL10B and UL10C without hose stream, UL 10D for up to 3 hours, and UL 1784 for smoke and draft. FireFighter D200 is approved for use in multiple applications – whenever the 20-minute UL 10B or UL 10C rating is required for a fire door or shutter used to provide protection for an opening of any size in a rated wall. This technology is the subject of US Patent No. 10,145,174 and has additional patents pending.

Fire and Smoke Ratings

20-minute rated UL 10B & 10C without hose stream

Up to 3-hour rated UL 10D

UL 1784 tested and listed without an artificial bottom seal

Code Compliance

Code Compliance Research Report (CCRR) (pending) Regulatory Approvals


Not available


Auto-Set® automatic resetting

Fail-Safe Design – automatic self-closing mechanism does not require power operation to self-close

FireFighter® D200 Training Demonstration Video


Unlimited widths and heights

Finishes (metal components)

McKEON Sterling Gray

Powder coat of any color as selected

Stainless steel — No. 4 Polish or No. 8 Mirror