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Modernfold Folding Sliding Systems

Whether for an airport retail storefront or a dividing wall for an office conference area, Folding Sliding Wall Systems (FSW-C / FSW-G) are ideal for any application where total vision is required. Glass walls transcend the limitations of fixed solid walls, multiply your options for designing space, and let daylight shine through to interior spaces. FSW sliding walls are available in a range of customizable systems to meet your design requirements. The track can be arranged in a variety of configurations, and sliding panels can be moved without using floor guides or channels. Bolts and locks secure each sliding panel in position and the panels are easy to adjust, align, and operate.

Advantages of Folding Sliding Systems:

  • Provides openness with transparency

  • No floor track

  • Glass designs can be incorporated to provide a tailored look

  • Enhances functionality while filling spaces with light

  • 2-year warranty on all systems

  • Offices, Banks, Shopping Malls, Galleries, and More ...

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