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Glass Acoustic

Line Systems has created a solution to focus on both the aesthetics and acoustics to fit a variety of high-quality specifications for the consumer. The Glass Acoustic is built with two glass panels which allows an attractive design with an acoustic performance of up to 46 dB Rw. The partition also allows for a choice of single or double glazing further increasing the customization of each project.


· Type

Our demountable partition system is composed of 10/12mm (3/8″ / 1/2″) laminated or tempered glass which allows for total or partial glass blindness. Total profile width of 108mm (4 1/4″), this system allows 1-3 glass panels.

· Structure

The structure of the Glass Acoustic is a continuous glass system. A union between the glass is created to achieve a high-transparency L-shape PVC profile.

· Floor & Ceiling

The Glass Acoustic has main profile with side and central covers on the floor with a view of 36mm (1 7/16″). The main profile with side and central covers and U profile for tolerance adjustment on the ceiling which has a view of 66mm (2 5/8″).

· Acoustic Performance

Certified by the Portuguese National Engineering Lab with an acoustic performance of 46 dB Rw.


· Flush Double Glazed Door

The Flush Double-Glazed Door has a thickness of 108mm (4 1/4″) which is created in an aluminum frame with two pieces of tempered glass. One piece is 8mm (5/16″) thick which is placed on the outside of the room and the second 6mm (1/4″ on the inside, both pieces of glass are coated in ceramic paint. Double sealing rubber and acoustic sealing brush are used to enhance the performance.

These doors are compatible with 3D invisible hinges.

· Double Glazed Door

The Double-Glazed Door (similar to a Glass Skin Door) is created with two pieces of 5/6mm (13/64″ / 1/4″) tempered glass which is glued through a special gluing system. The glasses received a ceramic paint to finish (RAL color to define).

Final Door thickness of 50mm (2″).

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