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Modernfold Glass Wall Systems

ComfortDrive® Automated Self-Driving Panel System

Convenience and automation are two highly desired features of movable walls. With ComfortDrive®, Compactline® glass panels can be moved to a variety of individually pre-programmed positions under fully automatic control. The control interface takes the form of a user-friendly touch pad that can be programmed to maximize your space in a variety of applications.

Acousti-Clear® Glass Walls

Acousti-Clear®, a new innovation in space management and room design by Modernfold, Inc. delivers the ultra-sleek contemporary aesthetics of aluminum and glass with highly desired sound separation all courtesy of a new and innovative glass wall system. Modernfold offers three products under the Acousti-Clear® Operable Partitions.

Single-Point Fitting Systems

Immerse your space in light with Modernfold Moveable Glass Walls featuring a Single-Point Fitting System. Modernfold offers this product under the GWS Single-Point Fitting System.

Horizontal Rail Systems

Modernfold Glass Wall Systems provide the beauty of uninterrupted glass, while being housed in a design that delivers smooth operation and rock solid stability. Modernfold offers four products under the Horizontal Rail System Model.

Folding Sliding Systems

Modernfold Folding Sliding Walls (FSW) are ideal for a straight-line system configuration. Because the panels of an FSW system are visually compatible with the PureView® panels, both system types can use the same track and rail construction and can be effectively combined within a single frontage. Consequently, an FSW system can also be complemented by adding a free-standing PureView® double action or single action end panel. Modernfold offers these products under the GWS Folding Sliding System.

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