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Modernfold Accordion Doors and Partitions


Soundmaster® accordion partitions are ideal for applications in church classrooms, fellowship halls, clinics, restaurants and many other applications where moderate sound attenuation is desired. Behind its fabric outer covering, Soundmaster® has steel paneled sound liners to provide acoustical performance of up to 40 STC, as well as increased durability. For added convenience, optional electric operation makes dividing large, even curved openings as easy as turning a key. Three-ply top and bottom sweeps assure a positive seal. Long term strength and durability is made possible by the system's patented, three-dimensional welded steel frame and heavy-duty construction.


Our namesake product, Modernfold®, is the industry standard for quality accordion doors and partitions. It's the clear choice when strength and durability are important and only sight division is required. Modernfold® partitions feature a durable steel frame construction, ball bearing trolleys and a wide choice of finish options. Even with all-steel frame and hinging, its weight requires only minimal support. In addition to simple, straight "wall-to-wall" runs, Modernfold accordion partitions can be curved or even serpentine to meet your exact needs.

Advantages of Accordion Doors and Partitions:

  • Large selection of standard finishes

  • Quick sight and sound division with a simple pull-and-latch operation

  • Electric operation available

  • Available as single and paired openings

  • Curved track allows partition to move around corners for optimal design flexibility and storage

Ideal for: Users looking for choices that let you add style, value and moderate sound control to your space division needs.

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