SafeSpace™ 500 Series

FEMA and Wind Rated Door System

ICC has adopted FEMA criteria for the design and construction of a safe room that provides near-absolute protection for occupants from wind and wind-borne debris. With SafeSpace 500, safe rooms and storm shelters can be constructed to FEMA 361 (3rd Edition) and ICC 500 (2014) Standards without sacrificing natural light and multi-purpose use. Utilizing McKEON’s wide span engineering capabilities, this technology can protect multiple openings and is available from 4′-4″ to 16′-4″ wide and from 4′-0″ to 18′-0″ high so as not to restrict the size of windows and other openings.

The latest edition of the IBC, Section 423, Storm Shelters, requires Group E occupancies and emergency facilities within the 250 MPH tornado and hurricane zones to incorporate safe rooms and storm shelters. These areas of refuge and safety can be detached structures or rooms within buildings. Regardless, all must comply with ICC 500 which incorporates, in large part, FEMA 361.

The SafeSpace 500 rolling steel door assembly is the only wide span opening protective to comply with strict ICC 500 and FEMA 361 wind-born debris requirements. Multi-purpose spaces may be designed with large unobstructed windows and light wells yet qualify as compliant safe rooms and storm shelters. This technology is the subject of US Patent No. 8,453,707 and has additional patents pending.


Wind Pressure: Design Wind Pressure (DWP) of 200 PSF (subjected to 240 PSF which equals 1.2 times the DWP) in accordance with ASTM E330

Large Missile Impact: Withstand a large missile impact in accordance with ASTM E1886 for FEMA 361 assemblies

Optional Fire and Smoke Ratings: SafeSpace 500F and 500F-IS available with up to a 3-hour UL 10B fire rating and UL 1784 smoke rating when required*

Optional insulated design for thermal protection *Listed under the Canadian equivalent CAN/ULC S104

Code Compliance

ICC 500 (2014): ICC 500/NSSA Standard for the Design & Construction of Storm Shelters

FEMA 361 (3rd Edition): FEMA Standard for the Design and Construction of Safe Rooms for Tornadoes and Hurricanes

CCRR-1086 applicable to SafeSpace 500F & 500F-IS Regulatory Approvals


Power motor operation


Widths 4′-4″ to 16′-4″; heights from 4′-0″ to 18′-0″


McKEON Sterling Gray

Powder coat of any color as selected