Skyfold Zenith® Series

The Zenith® Series is cutting-edge, innovative vertical wall technology.

Zenith combines the vertically folding elements found in the Classic™ Series at the top portion of the wall with a slick straight down descent thereafter, which makes it the ideal flexible space solution for areas that may have wall obstructions which could limit the use of a vertically folding partition wall. With the Zenith’s narrow path of travel, you do not have to overhaul the placement of the furniture in the space to operate the partition wall.


· Retracts into the Ceiling to Maximize Floor Space

· Industry-Leading STC ratings

· Narrow Path of Travel

· No Floor, Wall Tracks or Visible Hinges

· Fully Automatic

· Easy-to-use Turn-Key or Digital Keypad Operation

· Quiet Operation

· Lightweight Panels

· Flat and Rigid

· Cost-Effective and Lightweight Structure

· Can be Installed to Meet at 90°

· Can be used in Stepped and Sloped Spaces

· Equipped with a Safety Obstruction Sensor

· Variety of Finish Options

· Made to Last

Skyfold offers a wide range of finish options and layouts to meet your specific design needs. This is what makes Skyfold’s movable walls a custom design piece within your space, and not just an acoustic room divider.