SmokeFighter® Model D100

Smoke Rated Fire System

The McKEON SmokeFighter D100 is manufactured from protective curtain assembly material that has been tested and certified under UL 10B, 10C, 10D and UL 1784; and approved to span unlimited widths and heights up to 24 feet. The test criteria included side guides, however, the test parameters for draft curtains do not require any of the above certifications except to resist the passage of smoke. Thus, the McKEON D100 exceeds the fire and life safety requirements for draft curtains in the building code.

A draft curtain is commonly used in large spaces where smoke management is a challenge. In these type of applications draft curtains typically work in conjunction with smoke and heat vents. These vent systems are not the same as active smoke evacuation systems, rather they are designed to minimize smoke movement and provide temporary tenable environments until building occupants can evacuate during a fire or emergency. Draft curtains are a critical part of the compartmentalization effort because they prevent the migration of smoke and help to channel it towards vents that are a passive system for smoke management.

For detailed code analysis consult “Fire Door Systems, A Guide to Code Compliance.” This technology is the subject of US Patent No. 10,145,174 and has additional patents pending.

Fire and Smoke Ratings

Approved materials in compliance with draft curtain requirements

Code Compliance

Code Compliance Research Report (CCRR) (pending) Regulatory Approvals


Not required


Auto-Set® automatic resetting

Fail-Safe Design – automatic self-closing mechanism does not require power operation to self-close


Unlimited widths and heights to 24′

Finishes (metal components only)

McKEON Sterling Gray

Powder coat of any color as selected

Stainless Steel — No. 4 Polish or No. 8 Mirror