SmokeFighter® Model D150

Smoke Rated Curtain System

This technology provides a compliant solution where the model building codes prescribe smoke-only separation and egress is not required. The assembly is fixed in place with side guides and bottom bars so smoke is handily contained when the building goes into an alarm condition.

The model building codes allow smoke rated (only) enclosures and protectives in specific applications. The SmokeFighter D150 has been engineered to meet these applications where egress is not required. The assembly is designed to prevent the migration of smoke in hospital corridors, elevator lobbies and provide the separation required to create smoke compartments in suites of sleeping rooms in hospitals. This technology is the subject of US Patent No. 10,145,174 and has additional patents pending.

Fire and Smoke Rating

UL 1784 tested & listed without an artificial bottom seal

Code Compliance

Code Compliance Research Report (CCRR) (pending)

ASME A17.1 compliant vision panel when required Regulatory Approvals


Not available


Auto-Set® automatic resetting

Fail-Safe Design – automatic self-closing mechanism does not require power to self-close


Unlimited widths and heights

Finishes (metal components only)

McKEON Sterling Gray

Powder coat of any color as selected

Stainless Steel — No. 4 Polish or No. 8 Mirror