Skyfold is your premium space management solution. These all-electric operable walls divide or expand spaces within minutes and store in the ceiling to maximize floor space. When in place, the Skyfold wall is both an acoustical barrier with the highest STC ratings in the industry and a customizable design piece. In a matter of minutes, with only 2 touchpoints, your space can be completely changed. The most expensive operable wall that clients purchase is the one that they do not use. So, let your imagination run wild with finishes, give us your most intricate architectural challenge and we will bring your plan to life with a solution that is needs focused. Skyfold is the industry leader in Vertical Acoustical Walls.

Acoustical Walls



Exceeding industry standards, the acoustic soundproofing indexes for Classic 51, 55, and 60 ensure privacy and confidentiality is respected from one space to another. The Classic NRC model reduces ambient noise within meetings and conference rooms, thereby increasing the user’s comfort.



Zenith combines the vertically folding elements found in the Classic™ Series at the top portion of the wall with a slick straight down descent thereafter, which makes it the ideal flexible space solution for areas that may have wall obstructions which could limit the use of a vertically folding partition wall. With the Zenith’s narrow path of travel, you don’t have to overhaul the placement of the furniture in the space to operate the partition wall.


Zenith Premium

The Zenith® Premium Series—the newest addition to the Skyfold line of products—encapsulates every benefit of Skyfold walls while solidifying Skyfold’s place as the leader in movable wall innovation: superior acoustic performance, vertical motion, ease-of-use, design, and seamless integration into any space.


Glass Walls



Mirage® incorporates Skyfold technology with the added luxury of transparency.  Clean lines, a lightweight structure, a wide range of glass and plexiglass panels, high-efficiency acoustic seams, and ease of maintenance make Mirage the perfect solution for bright, sophisticated and welcoming spaces.



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